Monday, January 24, 2011

iNTeRNSHiP (week 8)

i'll tell you what i've been doing today...

6.50 - wake up (with long a yawning sign of laziness)
7.30 - went off from home
8.45 - at the entrance of that f***k*** LDP, suppose to be at office but was stuck in jam
(encik2 polis sila tolong)
9.00 - reach TTDI, pick up Muiz n straight to ABC
9.35 - at the ABC main gate
9.45 - enter office n latter found out my boss is not around yet
till 12.00 - did nothing much, expect for reverting emails and make calls, then nothing but on9
12.10 - luinch hour
12.45 - back to office
till now - doing NOTHING MUCH

p/s: baik ade keje nk bwat dr x watppe, letih ttgu cmni..adoiii...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

EXAM!!!! is knocking up...

25/10, 2/11, 6/11, 7/11
those are 4 dates i need to survive...
my last chance to get 4.00...ahaha... but a dream remains dream..
i need some tonic to bounce back for this coming exams as i did badly before..
but am currently full of laziness + effortless + tired of books = am on HONEYMOON
dear GOD, please let me through this with another DEAN LIST
so please bring me back my soul of hardworking..

Friday, July 16, 2010

~~bUsynEss ~~

hmm.. my life seem to be so busy...
1. assignments
2. census
3. society activities

but, what really is, it is all just excuses...
damn!!!!! its all just about LAZYNESS, inherited from mr Imran... ahaha

those 2 former is the most troublesome, the latter is not that hard to handle... haish...
i got so much time to do, but what lack is efforts..
is there any training/tips on how to be hardworking???
badly needing one................................................................

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

thE pAth Of glOry..

How can I achieve glory?

First, you need efforts that are hungry

Gather strength with full parry

Never give up is the theory

You may failed and don’t be sorry

Learn the failure with no hurry

When you succeed, don’t get carry

In the end when you found glory tell the story

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diary of a Casanova

Don’t get excited when am starring at you...

I’m not falling in love at the first sight...

It just that, I spot the next girl on my list...

Don’t get blushed when am starting to smile...

I know this smile can melt you down...

Yeah! Its the first step I’m taking to trap you down...

Don’t be panicked when I’m getting closed..

Its not like you have found your true love..

It just that, am trying to fascinate you..

Don’t be shy when am starting to talk..

I’m not going to spend a whole day talking with you..

I just need a few seconds to ask your number..

Don’t be speechless when I ask for a date..

Its not that difficult to say yes..

Cause you are lucky to get the chance..

Don’t be thrilled when I give you some presents..

It just some investment I made for the future..

Cause you might turn out to give me more than I do..

Don’t trust me when I say I miss you..

Its not that I really miss you..

It just that I’m bored with the other girls..

Don’t believe me, when I say I love you..

Its not like you are the only one heard it..

It just that, what I do to convince girls..

Don’t believe them who say I’m a liar…

I’ll give you chance to judged me latter,,

But… When its all going to be too late..

cArvIng my 1st..

failing never excite me till today, i don't know why am happy to fail today..
but, yes!! its a chance for to re correct, re take, and more importantly to do it right..
my way of calculation that i said as genius..
and what can i say now is, good, am really glad to fail and BRING IT ON!!!
here i come QMT 425, am here now for A+++...